The More Than Just a Woman Project

More Than Just a Woman - Connecting Women to Empower Girls.

More Than Just a Woman – Connecting Women to Empower Girls.

It has not been an easy journey to becoming a woman. Earlier this year, I found myself nearing the end of my University career with a distinction in English and no prospects of getting a job in Guyana. In May, I joined the Lady team.

When I look back at my life now – and consider where I was and where I am – I don’t wish for the journey to have been less hard but I wish it were filled with more women willing and capable of providing guidance. How many of us have felt this way and how many of our girls and young women currently feel this way? I see now that the problem wasn’t the lack of such women, but it was – and still is – that those women could not find a girl like me and I could not find them.

The More Than Just a Woman social media campaign is the first phase in a project which aims to connect women in order to empower girls. The primary mandate of the social media campaign is to identify, celebrate and create awareness of Guyanese women who have been and can be sources of inspiration and role models for our girls.The project itself is the first initiative of the Lady Magazine & NGO.

Later phases of the project will concentrate on education and a mentoring partnership programme. The project seeks to connect women across the unique social, cultural and political differences in Guyana so that they can serve as role models and mentors for our girls. Every girl deserves to be empowered, and every woman can provide that empowerment.

Tomorrow (June 5, 2015) is the official launch of the More Than Just a Woman social media campaign. We will be sharing content here and on our Facebook page. You can help us build the foundation of this project by liking the Lady Magazine & NGO page on Facebook, using the hashtag #Morethanjustawoman, sharing our content or helping us to connect with those women in your lives who already inspire girls and young women in their communities and various social and professional circles.

Sara Bharrat

Project Manager

Lady Magazine & NGO



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